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in-person Appointments

95 College St
Burlington, VT 05401
•  Handicap Accessible
•  Please communicate directly with your mental health professional about scheduling
•  Entry door code is required, and provided via email within 24 hours of your scheduled in-person appointment

Billing & Insurance

Eden Valley is pleased to accept the following insurances:
•  MVP
•  CBA Blue
•  Vermont Medicaid (Green Mountain Care + DR. Dynasaur)
•  If your provider isn't listed, we can still help. We can bill insurance companies out of network. We can accept out-of-pocket payments. We offer probono therapy through our clinical internship program.


Eden Valley clinicians and its related services are HIPPA compliant as required by law, and all interactions and personal data of social work services are confidential, within the parameters and compliance of federal and local laws.
Encrypting Communications: All patient communications are securely encrypted.
Protecting Data: We use advanced encryption for all patient data storage and transmission.
Controlling Access: Only authorized staff can access patient records, ensuring confidentiality.
Obtaining Consent: Patient consent is mandatory before sharing any information.
Training Staff: Our team is regularly trained in HIPAA compliance and privacy practices.
Providing Privacy Notices: Patients receive clear notices about our privacy practices.
Implementing Emergency Protocols: We have robust protocols to maintain privacy and security in any situation, going above standard practices for your safety and trust.
Securing Records: Physical records are stored securely, with restricted access.
Notifying of Breaches: In the rare event of a data breach, we would promptly notify patients and authorities.
Safely Disposing Data: Outdated or unnecessary patient information is securely disposed of or de-identified.
Ensuring Confidentiality: Conversations with patients are conducted in private to prevent unauthorized disclosures.

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