Laura Ivins


Clinical Social Worker
She / Her
(802) 234-1908

As a therapist, Laura collaborates with clients to co-create an affirming environment. Her work with diverse populations and settings provides an expansive view of the self and how it relates to larger societal structures. The goals of treatment with Laura often focus on goal identification, skill development, and working through trauma. Laura believes therapy is most impactful when clients give themselves permission to try new things, approach themselves with curiosity and empathy, and push themselves out of their comfort zones. She has served individuals who struggle with mood instability, people with substance use disorders or considering a change to their relationship with substances, formerly incarcerated individuals, LGBTQIA individuals and survivors of trauma.

Heartfelt Testimonials

Heartfelt testimonials from individuals who have embarked on journeys of healing and self-discovery with our therapists. Each story is a unique testament to resilience, growth, and the life-changing power of compassionate therapy.

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