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Clinical Intern
Clinical Intern
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Clinical Intern

Christina Ensalata, a clinical intern, acknowledges the challenges of being human and the absence of a life guidebook. As a counselor, she respects each person's complex human experience. Her approach blends research, training, and practical insights into healthy human behavior and change, aiming to improve life quality. She specializes in experiential therapy, emphasizing internal experiences and integrating neurobiology, trauma, and attachment theories for healing and growth. Christina creates a safe, supportive, and challenging therapeutic environment, marked by presence, empathy, and humor. Her methods draw from Focusing-Oriented Therapy, Internal Family Systems, expressive arts, polyvagal theory, and the neurobiology of attachment and trauma. With a focus on dissociation and complex trauma, she practices with cultural humility and responsiveness. A former middle school teacher, queer-identified therapist, and neurofeedback tech and trainee at Peak Neurofeedback, Christina values therapy's transformative power, having experienced its challenges and rewards. Committed to guiding clients on their healing journeys, she is inspired by the philosophy "She who is brave is free" and Eugene Gendlin's perspective on facing and interacting with truth.

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